Protek 6100  $49.95

3 3/4 digit, 4,000 count Back lit display
Appropiate input jacks light up when measurement function is selected
CAT II 1000V and CAT III 600V input and test leads Safety rating
Measures Frequency, Duty cycle and Capacitance
Buzzer and flashing light warning when test leads are connected to the wrong input or overload
Relative mode and display Hold
Resettable current overload fuse, no need to open the meter and replace blown fuse

pdf data sheet

Protek 6300  $79.95


Five meters in one, Humidity, Luminance, Sound level, Temperature +DMM
Buzzer and flashing light warning when leads are connected to wrong input and Overload
Display Reads Humidty, and ambient temperature along with measurement value
3 3/4 Digit, 4,000 count with Backlit display
Relative mode and Data hold
Resettable fuses, no need to open meter to replace a blown fuse
Temperture measuement in Celsius and Fahrenheit
Measures Duty cycle, Frequency and Capacitance

pdf data sheet



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