Test Equipment


                                                                                                                Starting at $49.00

-Multimeters: Digital ( with Humidity, lux, sound level, etc <CLICK HERE>

-Multimeters: Analog & Digital

-Multimeters: Analog & Digital, Amp Clamps,Portable Scopes

-Multimeters, Amp Clamps, Portable Scopes <price list> <excel>


Real World Certifier, GIG-a-BIT

  • Speed tests (10MB,100MB,1000MB)
  • Cable type (CAT 3,5,5e,6)
  • Displays Port :speed,duplex,data levels of all pairs.
  • Cable length (real 1 nanosecond TDR)
  • Opens,shorts,split pairs,splits distance.
  • Multi-pair toner/Probe
  • Stores 250 tests for later printing.


     TVR-10/100/1000 $199.00  3 in One NetworkCable/NIC/HUB Tester

    Test-Um Wire Toners, Network Testers/Verifiers

    Test-Um Validator NT950  $1195.00 SALE=$1150.00


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