Japanese Voltage Transformers

Voltage converting transformers 100 volts ~ 110 volts for Japanese Equipment

These foreign voltage transformers convert 100V to 110V and 110V to 100Volts.    They are made with an all METAL case, and are fuse  protected. They also come with 3 wire grounded (earthed)  US plug, receptacles, and On/Off switch.  The receptacles will also accept VDE European plugs.


Part# Description 1+ 3+ 6+    
PHC JPC-100D 100 Watt  110V-100V Step-down only (2 prong), fuse protected 29.95 26.95 23.95
PHC JPC-60U 60 Watt  100V-110V Step-up only (2 prong) 19.95 17.95 15.95

200 Watt 100V-110V-100V Step up/down, fuse protected

49.95 45.00 39.95

Fuse protected

PHC JC-500J 500 Watt 100V-110V-100V Step up/down, fuse protected 69.95 62.95 55.00
PHC JC-1000J 1000 Watt 100V-110V-100V Step up/down, fuse protected 135.00 108.00 96.00
PHC JC-2000J 2000 Watt 100V-110V-100V Step up/down, fuse protected 195.00 175.00 155.00
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